In the Globe and Mail, Lloyd Axworthy calls attention to Baha’i persecution

Dr. Lloyd Axworthy. © University of Winnipeg Toronto, Ontario, 9 May 2013 (CBNS) — In today’s Globe and Mail, former Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs calls attention to the continued imprisonment of Baha’i leaders.

"Iran acquiring nuclear arms is a genuine threat to Middle East stability. There is a quieter story that isn’t a mere threat, but a reality: The government’s violation of the human rights of so many Iranian citizens with impunity.

"Too few know that Canada has led a firm resolution at the United Nations General Assembly for more than a decade denouncing Iran’s human rights record. Before that, the UN Commission on Human Rights passed a similar resolution from 1984-2001. Canada has led the world in defending the human rights of the people of Iran since the early days of the Iranian Revolution. We were the first to raise our voice in June, 1980, with an all-party resolution of the House of Commons, and resolutions in other countries around the world followed.

"A litmus test to judge Iran’s record has been the treatment afforded to its largest non-Muslim religious community, the Baha’is."

To read Dr. Axworthy's commentary in full, please click here.